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Шансы растут!

The Tall Ships Races Kotka 2017 is part of the international youth sailing event held 30.6.-8.8.2017 as a friendly competition. The event was expected to attract about 3,000 sailors and more than 100 vessels from over 20 countries. Guests can experience the magnificent tall ships, and enjoy entertaining programme in Kotka. The event is suitable for the whole family.

The tall ships visit Kotka 13.-16.07.2017. The Tall Ships Races have been in Kotka previously in 1992 and 2007. The grand opening ceremony kicks the festivities off in Kotka on Thursday 13.7., while the Crew Parade on Friday 14.7. will stir up the festive atmosphere in central Kotka.

The Prize Giving Ceremony for the first leg of The Tall Ships Races 2017 will begin at Arto Tolsa stage at 5 pm. The pinnacel of the event is on Sunday 16.7. as the Parade of Sails begins and the tall ships will start their next leg towards Turku. Together we will a bon voyage to the ships leaving Kotka.

The Tall Ships Races is also one of the largest public events of Finland’s centenary year. And to celebrate the 100-year-old Finland, the cities of Kotka and Turku offer 100 young people the opportunity to go sailing.

The sailing route runs from Halmstad in Sweden to Kotka and Turku in Finland, and from there to Klaipeda, Lithuania and Szczecin in Poland. The event has been held since 1956 by the non-profit charitable foundation British Sail Training International (STI). The STI is represented by Sail Training Association Finland (STAF) in Finland.

The event organizer reserves the right to make changes.

Отпуск у нас с 17-го, но последний рабочий день у меня будет суббота, 15.
И есть шансы смотаться в Котку на Константе, в воскресенье, 16-го.
Да. вероятны пробки на границе. Но... Так ли это важно?
Ведь - паруса!
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